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Eastham, Massachusetts, USA

The town of Eastham (highlighted in dark blue on the map) is located on outer Cape Cod, approximately 90 miles southeast of Boston. This area is steeped in history, having been home to the Nauset Indians who began sharing this land with colonists in 1644. The town was established in 1651, consisting of 14.25 square miles. Eastham, known as "Gateway to the National Seashore", is still considered a small town (pop. 4980) and prides itself on being a bit more quiet than most Cape towns. The New York Times recently called Eastham "Cape Cod's Little Secret"...

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Cape Cod National Seashore

(1.5 miles from Cottage Grove) Approximately 27,000 acres of uplands from the Southern tip of Monomoy Island off Chatham to Provincetown comprise the Cape Cod National Seashore. A bill, signed by President John F. Kennedy in 1961 ensured the conservation and preservation of some of the area's most beautiful natural surroundings as well as approximately 30 miles of the finest seashore on the Atlantic Coast. Eastham is considered the "Gateway to the National Seashore" with the Salt Pond Visitors Center, the Nauset Marsh hiking Trails and two beaches, Coast Guard and Nauset Light.


Fort Hill / Hemenway's Landing

(½ mile from Cottage Grove) Preserved farmland and marshes protected by the National Seashore. Fort Hill contains well managed hiking trails and panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and the famous Nauset marshes. The trails lead to Hemenway's Landing, Eastham's water access that provides an entry point to the marshes and Town Cove for kayakers and canoers.


Cape Cod Bay Beaches

(2 miles from Cottage Grove) The western border of Eastham is lined with six miles of beautiful beaches overlooking Cape Cod Bay. Just as magical as the National Seashore, Cape Cod Bay offers calmer and warmer waters, amazing flats at low tide and breathtaking sunsets. The most notable and largest Eastham bay beach is First Encounter, the location where the native Indians first encountered the pilgrims in 1620.


Cape Cod Rail TrailM
(½ mile from Cottage Grove) Following the route of the old Penn Central Railway, the rails and ties have been removed and the Trail provides the bicyclist, in-line skater, or hiker a unique view of Cape Cod. The continuous 26 mile trail is surrounded by woods, ponds, salt marshes and sandy beaches. In Eastham, the trail runs the full length of the town, providing easy access to beaches and hiking trails. Detailed Trail Map
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